Dr. Spero Karas: Knee Surgeon

A highly trained and internationally recognized knee surgeon with 25+ years of specialized expertise in orthopedic sports medicine, Dr. Karas knows knee injuries and how to treat them. His research on knee injuries and knee surgery has been published in peer-reviewed journals and he has given numerous presentations and lectures on the subject.

Dr. Spero Karas | Atlanta | knee surgeon

Damaged knees bench professional athletes and pick-up game players alike. Dr. Karas applies the very same expert sports medicine care he gives to the hard-training athletes of the Atlanta Braves and Falcons to you and your knee injury. His goal is to provide an excellent level of care to athletes of all ages and levels.

Common Knee Injuries

Knee pain, especially for athletes and people with active lifestyles, is fairly common and may be an indication of a more serious underlying knee injury. Symptoms of underlying knee conditions may present in the following ways:

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling of the knee
  • Tenderness when pressing on an area of the knee
  • Popping or clicking within the knee
  • Limited motion of the knee joint

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms,  Dr. Karas can provide the skilled surgical techniques required to get you up and moving again. Dr. Karas served as the Atlanta Falcons’ head team physician from 2011-2018, the longest tenured team orthopedic surgeon in the NFC South division. He serves as a consulting team physician for the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Georgia Tech, Emory University, Oglethorpe University, and Georgia Perimeter College.

From professional athletes to patients from local elementary schools, Dr. Karas utilizes his knowledge as a knee surgeon to treat both common knee injuries and degenerative knee conditions, such as:

Knee Pain  and Knee Injury Solutions

Knee pain doesn’t have to be a part of you or your child’s life. At the Emory Sports Medicine Complex, Dr. Karas offers a full range of options available to restore knee function for a happy, active, and productive life.

The first step towards successful treatment is a proper diagnosis by a qualified knee surgeon.   


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