Dr. Karas Recognized as one of America’s Top Sports Medicine Specialists

December 5th, 2008


Dr. Karas made Men’s Health’s “first annual list of those physician’s who have the knowledge, the experience, and the tools to maintain and repair the 21st century man.” Dr. Karas was recognized as one of America’s “Top Sports Medicine Specialists” one of only six such doctors in the south (and the only one in Georgia).

Incidentally, here’s what Men’s Health recommends to stay out of the Sports Medicine Specialist’s office:

  1. Shore up your core: most sports injuries that sideline men hit below the belt.  A recent study of 60 male athletes found that those who had the strongest trunks were 20% less likely to suffer a serious leg injury.
  2. Cover your back: roughly 80% of men experience back pain.  Studies suggest that men who log long hours at desk jobs are more prone to back pain than those who don’t.  Those who make time to stretch, flex, and exercise suffer less back pain over time.