Presenting Around the Country

As his schedule permits, Dr. Karas participates in leading conferences and symposiums — sharing his skills and thought-leadership around an array of vital topics.

One of the largest Orthopedic Meetings in the world, the OSET Course (Orthopedic Surgery Emerging Technologies Annual Course), invited Dr. Karas to lecture and join one of their panels. Presented directly to the Harvard Orthopedic Residency program, Dr. Karas’ lecture covered Management of Glenohumeral Instability.”

Last summer, Dr. Karas appeared at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the 16th Annual Emory Sports Medicine Symposium. This hybrid symposium is a high level, multi-disciplinary conference targeted to physical therapists, athletic trainers, primary care providers, sports medicine providers, researchers, and allied sports-health specialists.

Participating in a roundtable panel titled “Shoulder Surgery Gone Sideways: How To Manage and Clinical Pearls,” Dr. Karas relayed some of his experiences and practical strategies for improved interventions and optimal patient care outcomes across shoulder surgery challenges.

Additionally, Dr. Karas contributed a key presentation around state-of-the-art practices and techniques for treating traumatic shoulder instability. “Traumatic Shoulder Instability — Update in Care for 2023” was featured in the mini-symposium that Dr. Karas also co-moderated, titled Care of the College Athlete: Best Practices. 

That session launched the 16th annual event after introductory remarks from Dr. Karas and Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, the Director of Emory Sports Medicine Research and Education, officially welcoming some 600 physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other healthcare providers — including some of the most prominent physicians working in professional and collegiate sports today.

Dr. Karas also recently addressed the Hawkins Shoulder Society annual meeting and has talks coming up at the Eastern Orthopedic Association Meeting.