The Emory Sports Medicine Center is a global leader in providing advanced treatments for patients with sports and orthopaedic injuries. Emory Sports Medicine Center patients range from professional athletes and world leaders to those who enjoy active lifestyles and want to ensure the best possible recovery from injuries.

The Emory Sports Medicine Center offers plush space, premium service, personalized patient care and the most advanced sports injury treatment and procedures. That's the Emory Sports Medicine difference. In other orthopaedic sports medicine practices, you will see a Physician's Assistant, a nurse practitioner or a generalist, but you may never see your doctor. At the Emory Sports Medicine Center, you will always be seen by your physician when you need immediate sports injury treatment. In fact, all of our physicians are orthopaedic and sports medicine-trained subspecialists. So come to Emory Sports Medicine Center:  the center of excellence for orthopaedic sports medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

We offer easy access from the interstate and free parking on one level. Walk right in to our comprehensive, multidisciplinary center for everything from evaluation and imaging to surgery, casts and knee braces, or physiotherapy. Emory Sports Medicine Center provides a 48-hour appointment for acute sports injury treatment or surgical second opinions.